Decision Charters

A decision charter is a planning document that outlines the scope of the decision and the process to be followed to make it. Typically, it would be prepared following a decision sketch, and would include:

  • A concise statement of the problem that triggered the decision process
  • A clear statement of the decision to be made
  • A description of linked decisions and how they interact with the focus decision (the decision at hand)
  • Confirmed scope and constraints (what’s in and out of scope)
  • General nature and scope of alternatives under consideration
  • Preliminary objectives to be addressed (usually with flexibility for more to be identified during the process)
  • Insight into anticipated trade-offs and critical uncertainties, particularly insofar as they affect the work plan and allocation of resources
  • Anticipated approach to analysis and engagement
  • Roles of decision makers, partners, stakeholders, Indigenous groups, advisory committees, experts and the public
  • Milestones for decision maker review and input
  • A work plan with budget and timeline